4 Advantages Of Automated Side Loading Garbage Trucks

For municipal waste pickup, the side loader is king. This style of truck is standard in neighborhoods across the country for many reasons. Most importantly, side loaders can navigate residential streets and easily allow their crews to pick up curbside household waste. While the advantages of side loaders are not in question, many waste disposal companies have still not fully converted to automated trucks.

If you're considering making the switch to automated side loaders for your company or city, then these four advantages may convince you that there's no time like the present.

1. Reduced Crew Costs

Reducing overall crew costs is one of the most immediate benefits of upgrading your fleet to automated side loading trucks. The vast majority of automated vehicles require only a single crew member, allowing personnel that would otherwise be needed for loading to take on other tasks. With employees available for other work, some companies may find that they can run more trucks and more efficient routes.

2. Increased Safety

It's not surprising that loading is one of the most dangerous jobs in an already hazardous profession. Loaders must work outside of the truck and can come into contact with potentially unsafe waste items. With collection workers suffering an injury rate nearly double the national average, innovations that help to make this vital work safer should always be a top priority. Automated side loaders are much safer.

3. Improved Efficiency

With a skilled operator, an automated side-loading truck can collect waste more quickly and efficiently than a manually-crewed vehicle. More efficient pickup means that your company can collect from a greater number of bins with a fewer number of routes, saving you time and money. Combined with the reduced crewing costs, higher-efficiency vehicles can drastically reduce overall operating costs.

4. Less Waste Loss

While skilled manual collectors can often pick up waste quickly and with little spillage, no one is perfect. When working with the proper bins, automated trucks pick up waste with less potential for spillage or loss. Not only does this lead to cleaner streets, but it also means that your crews waste less time stopping to pick up trash that may have fallen onto the road.

Fleet upgrades are never an easy decision, but transitioning to automated trucks offers numerous safety and cost benefits. Even if you do not plan to upgrade your entire fleet immediately, transitioning several trucks at a time can help to improve the efficiency of your routes and free up personnel.

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