5 Signs You Should Choose Open Auto Transport

If you are planning on having a car transported sometime soon, you might be debating between different auto transport options. Closed auto transport, which is done with a closed trailer, is one option. Open auto transport is a very popular option, though. If you need to make a decision, read on to learn why open auto transport might be right for you and your cargo. 

1. You're Looking for an Affordable Transport Option

One of the main reasons why open auto transport is so popular is because it is so affordable. In fact, many dealerships choose this option because they can save a lot of money on vehicle shipping. If you are hoping to have your car transported without having to spend a lot of money, you might just find that open auto transport is going to be your best option.

2. The Car You're Hauling Isn't Particularly Valuable

If you are having a very expensive or rare car hauled, then you might want to choose the hauling option that will best protect it. In these cases, opting for open auto transport can be risky. If the vehicle that you are hauling isn't particularly valuable, on the other hand, then you probably will not find closed auto transport to be necessary.

3. The Car You're Hauling Is Properly Insured

If the car that you are having hauled is properly insured, then any damage that might be done during transport might be covered. Check your insurance policy if you are not sure of whether or not this type of damage will be covered. The company that will be hauling your vehicle should have insurance coverage, too, so this is something that you can ask about.

4. You're Hoping to Have the Car Hauled Quickly

If you opt for closed auto transport, you might have to wait longer before you can have the car transported. Open car transport carriers typically have bigger trucks and can haul more trucks at a time. In many areas, there are more open auto transport options than closed auto transport options, too. This means that you may be able to make arrangements and have your vehicle hauled more quickly if you opt for open auto transport.

5. The Weather Is Mild

If you are going to be having your car transported through an area that is experiencing rough weather conditions, then you may not want to choose open auto transport. After all, this puts your car more at risk of exterior damage. If the weather is pretty mild, though, open auto transport might not be a bad idea.

Learn more about your options by contacting open auto transport carrier services.