Buy A Used Car During The Pandemic And You Might See Extra Savings

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way lots of businesses operate and things have certainly been different for the car sales industry in recent months. Some dealerships were forced to shut down completely for a time and this means they have both new and used cars sitting on the lot for much longer than anticipated. If you are looking to buy a car though, this could be a great time to do so. Here's why you might want to head to your local used car sales dealership, like Car Craft Auto Sales, Inc., even while the pandemic is still going on.

There May Be Extra Incentives to Get People out of Their Houses

Car dealerships that are allowed to open are scrambling to make up for lost time and sales from when they were closed. Car dealership owners also know that some people still don't feel comfortable leaving the house unless they have a good reason, so they are creating an incentive by offering special deals. Take a look around your local area and you might find that this is true. Perhaps you'll get better financing or a larger rebate, or just a much lower than normal price to buy it outright and drive it off the lot.

Dealers Need to Clear Used Inventory Before New Cars Come In

When car dealers take on a used vehicle via trade in, they usually estimate how long it will sit on the lot before they can be expected to sell it. They use this data to manage their inventory levels and make sure they will have enough room when the new model cars come in. But with many car dealerships shutting down for weeks or months, they now have used vehicles that have stuck around far longer than anticipated. Some dealers may now be rushing to get these cars off the lot in order to clear space for the upcoming new models.

Prices Will Remain Low While Demand is Down

This last reason is simply a matter of basic economics. Demand for both new and used cars is lower right now than it usually is because of everyone sheltering in place. People don't need to buy a new daily driver for work if they no longer have a commute while they work from home. As long as demand remains low, prices are likely to remain low to try and entice more people to come in. We're not just talking about the extra incentives we've already mentioned like special financing, it's also clear that some dealers are slashing the sticker price itself on many used vehicles and that prices will likely remain there or even lower until demand returns.

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